Touched - Massage Therapy
Will massage hurt?
This all depends on what you want, if you have come for a relaxing massage than no pain should be felt. If you have booked in for a deeper massage when working on problem areas then some discomfort will be felt. You are in fact in control so if the pressure gets too much, speak out and i will use less pressure.
Will anyone be in the room when i get undressed?
Once consultation has been done i will leave the room so you can get undressed, i will be outside the door until you are ready for me.
Will i be out of pain after my massage?
Massage can be used as some sort of pain relief, and that can be felt immediately. Sometimes people may come with a problem and because it has not cured them, they think it has not worked or going to. Depending on the severity or how long someone has suffered for it may take weeks or months for some people to benefit. Massage is not a cure nor a miracle! But very successful over a period of time.
What do i have to wear? and dress down to?
Come along as you want,, straight from leaving work, from the gym or just from home, if you are coming in for your back you may wish to leave trousers on, thats fine. For a full body i will ask you to undress to your underwear if you wish.
Do i have to wear a towel when being massaged?
All clients will be provided with towels, i following a code of ethics where draping is appropriate. I do NOT offer undraped Massage or Naturist.
Will i get a Happy Ending?
Most definitely NOT, i offer no sexual services and if this is the reason why you have come in then i will refuse to see you again for treatment. I am a professional therapist nothing more, any inappropriate behaviour will NOT be accepted. Police will be informed if needed.
How often will i need a massage?
If you suffer with chronic problems than massage is more beneficial on a regular basis, or if the problems are more stress related than a few sessions can relieve most of it away, everybody wants different things, once people have understood the benefits of massage they tend to stay regular for treatment, weekly, fortnightly and monthly, some people just need a massage every now and then, your body is the answer.
Prevention is better the a cure.
Will i be able to have a massage?
Due to some problems people suffer from known as contra-indication. Some people might not be suitable, thats why in the series of questions regarding health that i ask during consultation determines whether treatment can continue.
Sometimes a GP letter is needed  to be seen to see if you are acceptable for treatment, if you are not sure ask your doctor, you can always contact me if you wanted more information on this and i would be happy to help.
All Laundry is washed with non-bio detergent, fresh clean towels are provided for each client.